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Overcoming Anger, Irritation, & Frustration

Anger appears in many forms and disguises. Sometimes it manifests as a feeling of stress, other times it may take the form of depression. From the slightest irritation to frustration and embittered rage, anger is an emotion we all need to understand and conquer if we are to enjoy and make the most out of our life. In these classes we will explore practical solutions to the problem of anger, learning  its actual causes and appreciating positive alternatives to this painful habit of mind.

With American Buddhist nun Kelsang Jangchen. Jangchen is an experienced meditation teacher with clear, practical advice for helping people improve their good hearts, in order to enjoy more peace and happiness in their daily lives and benefit others.

Everyone welcome. These classes are based on Buddha’s teachings on love and compassion, and can be easily applied to all our daily lives, whether Buddhist or non-Buddhist.

Weekly Topics (attend any drop-in class or the entire series):

  • Oct 6 – Accepting Reality
  • Oct 13 – What About Feelings?
  • Oct 20 – No Class (Fall Festival in NY)
  • Oct 27 – Overcoming Jealousy
  • Nov 3 – The Power of Compassion
  • Nov 10 – The Truth About Anger

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